Titanium Performance has developed a proven distance training methodology to guarantee your results! You will have constant contact with the Titanium Performance as well as receive feedback about your routines and progress. You will have access to exclusive content that will open the gates to results you have never seen before! Inquire about your options by contacting us!

Many individuals do not realize the importance of recovery.  Titanium Performance programs routines that have a large focus on recovery.  The routines are designed to be HARD, BRIEF and INFREQUENT.  Clients perform their workout with an all out effort, leaving nothing left to give.  This effort leads to achieving maximum motor unit recruitment, also demanding a longer recovery period.  We seek to understand not how much can our body possibly tolerate, but simply, how much exercise is NECESSARY?

The answer to this may be seen as controversial, but research has shown that cardio is very INEFFICIENT in the aid of improving body composition. To an extent, it works against your progress of increasing lean tissue by burning muscle tissue as a form of energy.  Performing proper strength training benefits the four facets of fitness (strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and metabolic efficiency).  Strength training breaks down muscle tissue, which leads to an acute spike in the demand for energy in the form of a calorie.  Another important factor is to maintain a caloric deficit, ensuring we gain lean tissue and reduce body fat.  Follow these simple recommendations to achieve your weight loss goals.

When signing up with Titanium Performance you will have a few options, to pay as you go, purchase packages or sign up for auto billing.  Clients preferring to pay as they go or in package form will incur slightly higher rates.  Those interested in setting up auto billing are able to cancel anytime with a 30 day notice, while enjoying a slightly lower monthly rate.

The answer is yes…. and no.  Many individuals believe that if they are injured, they should rest until the pain goes away.  I am sorry to say, but unfortunately the pain will never subside if you completely avoid the injured area.  It may be intimidating, taking on an exercise you have avoided for years due to an injured area, Titanium Performance can help you gradually alleviate pain, PERMANENTLY! Activating the muscle tissue around an injury will increase blood flow and promotes the healing process.  Titanium Performance has extensive practice in all types of injuries, inquire about your injury and your options by contacting us.