Walking into the Los Campeones Gym, you will first feel a sense of community.  Once entering, you are not an individual, but a part of something greater, surrounded by individuals that care about you, your goals and helping you achieve your potential.  Los Campeones was built on sweat and hard work, its members and clients enter with one objective, to achieve greatness.  

Los Campeones is one of the last locally owned gyms in the Twin Cities!  Coined as “The Best Gym In Town,” as you enter, you will get a sense of rich history.  Not only does the equipment carry a special story, the gym has been servicing the twin cities for over thirty years!  

Los Campeones has much to offer its members, from general membership to personal training.  The gym is loaded with tons of cardio equipment and houses one of the largest strength training selections in the area.  As a client of Titanium Performance, you will have access to all of these options to supplement your sessions!

Training Methodology

Titanium Performance holds a strong belief in evidence based program design.  The ideology behind these routines originates in the early 1970s from Arthur Jones.  Jones had a realization that strength training could be much more safe, efficient and just as effective as current practices.  This methodology was coined High Intensity Training, or HIT.  

HIT is a much simpler approach to results, a methodology that requires clients to strength train ONCE to AT MOST TWICE per week.  Jones spent many years conducting extensive research, finding that when done properly, an individual would achieve the same (if not better) results from HIT.  HIT is not a fad, current research supports the methodology and has held strong for over 40 years!  

Titanium Performance values education, research and the scientific process.  All routines are designed under specific guidelines, meant to improve your cardiometabolic and muscular systems.  Schedule your FREE Introductory Session today to learn how HIT can improve your results!

The Equipment

Los Campeones houses a wide array of Hammer Strength equipment, with a rich history in providing unmatchable results.  Hammer Strength equipment was developed by the son of legendary Nautilus and MedX inventor, Arthur Jones.  Hammer Strength equipment was developed through extensive research geared toward understanding proper joint alignment, strength curves and active muscular recruitment while allowing for resistance training through a larger range of motion.

Also housed within Los Campeones is a large variety of free weight equipment, from bench press to squat set ups.  With a focus on safety, efficiency and effectiveness, Titanium Performance utilizes a variety of free weights, machines and bodyweight exercises.  You will learn to understand proper form, speed of movement and keys to a successful strength training routine.

As a supplement to strength training, Titanium Performance also offers evidence based cardio routines.  These routines utilize High Intensity Interval Training which can be performed by individuals looking to improve sport performance or those simply looking to improve overall cardiovascular health and endurance. Whether you have a pre-existing injury preventing you from running, or are advanced and looking for something new, Titanium Performance has a cardio routine for you!