on Nov 25,2014

Staying Motivated

Today, I want to talk about motivation. Have you ever walked into a workout and just "didn't feel it?" Have you worked out with a friend that didn't want to be there, therefore they didn't push you to the best of your ability? Did your trainer watch every rep, every detail and coach all aspects of the lift, or did they check their phone, look at other individuals in the gym or stand there in silence the entire session?

It bothers me to see and hear a trainer say simple things like "good" over and over again. A trainer is there to motivate the individual while coaching and correcting technique. If you are going to speak, say something with purpose, what was good? What can be corrected? Find some meaningful aspect to compliment or correct, rather than being vague and boring. No one wants to simply be yelled at, giving feedback is extremely important, but be thoughtful about how it is delivered.

Another important aspect, that will drive results, is to enter each session with a high level of intrinsic motivation. The more motivated and excited YOU are about YOUR workout, the better the results will be. Your workout should be as important to you as anything, get pumped, get excited, have fun! That's why we do this, to have fun and create a better lifestyle overall!

So for your next workout, prepare mentally, find something that excites you and get after it!

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