As a fellow personal trainer, I have worked with Tyler for the past couple years. His knowledge of evidence-based exercise is second to none. Even as a personal trainer, I like working out with Tyler when I can. He truly cares about his clients well-being and places a premium on safety and individualizing workouts based on the client's experience, needs, and goals. Tyler is the only other trainer I know that I would trust with training MY OWN clients.

   - Sam Topping 


Tyler is great at figuring exactly how far his clients can go and giving them the motivation needed to go just a little bit further. Every time I train with him I have a fun time, while still getting pushed to my limits. Tyler is a good guy and he knows his stuff.

  - Paul-Michael Schrieber


I have been strength training with Tyler for some time now. I am very particular in the qualities I need from my trainer whether regular training, recovery or coming back from injury he has been able to adjust my workouts to fit what I needed. I think the best thing about working with Tyler is his ability to maintain variety in the workouts because let's be honest...they don't get any easier, and just to have a small adjustment in a set to change it up really helps keep me focused. I look forward to continued workouts with Tyler and have recommended him to anyone looking to improve strength to reach for higher goals. There is no one better at helping you reach your full potential.

  - Peter Gellerup


I have had the pleasure to work alongside Tyler as a Personal Trainer for the majority of my Personal Training Career. I can say that Tyler is by far one of the best there is. Whether it is administration of workouts, accommodating for injuries, knowledge of research, or simply helping clients achieve their personal goals; he really is the one to work with. I would strongly recommend anyone from the elderly who wants to stay active to the twenty year old bodybuilder to try an introductory workout with him. You Will be surprised.

  - Erik Crooks


Tyler has been my personal trainer at Titanium Performance and I have been very impressed. Tyler's knowledge of physical fitness is unmatched of anyone I have met and the results I have gotten are worthwhile. I have never met someone who knows so much and is willing to help you achieve your customized goals. Its impressive to watch Tyler manage his clients, ever changing work schedule, and marketing duties. I would highly recommend Tyler if you are looking for a personal trainer!

  - Ben Theis


Tyler tore up my shoulders, shredded my back and biceps, killed my legs.  One hell of a motivator and will NOT let you quit.  Exceptional job, best workout I've had in months!  Definitely will be scheduling another appointment!!

  - Jeremiah Aden


Tyler’s approach to training is unique; his workouts are skillfully crafted and are tailored to individual needs on a level that’s second to none. His knowledge of exercise physiology is evident in each workout and he holds a strong emphasis on form and safety while still pushing you to a level that’s challenging. As an experienced lifter I was extremely impressed with Tyler’s techniques and the routine we went through. He genuinely cares about your results and creates a comfortable atmosphere throughout the workout. I would highly recommend anyone to a session with Tyler no matter if you’ve been lifting for many years or are just starting out, you won't be disappointed.

  - Aaron French


When I first met Tyler, I hadn't lifted since high school and I considered myself more of a yoga/barre/dance workout kind of person. I had yet to regain my figure and level of fitness since having my second child twenty months prior and was still settling into life as a working mother of two. The idea of lifting weights in a gym was far outside my comfort zone, but it took me about thirty minutes to know that this was the type of workout I needed and this was the person that could get me to where I wanted to be.

Tyler's knowledge and intuition set him apart from other fitness professionals. He is patient, encouraging, and knows exactly how hard to push so that I leave every workout feeling as if I've given everything I have without experiencing humiliation or frustration. Tyler knows the difference between the point when I'm giving up on myself and have more strength left and the point when my body is done and I need help. His workouts are balanced and refined to the point that one weekly session with him has reaped noticeable, exciting results.

My husband (another one of Tyler's clients) jokes that Tyler is the therapist I've needed all my life.  I have a long-standing difficult relationship with body image and food, and Tyler's nutrition guidance has helped shape a diet that leaves me feeling high-energy and strong while helping me increase overall muscle tone. I am more confident in my body and health than ever, and my ability to put together a nutritious menu plan that supports my fitness goals has helped reduce anxiety around food significantly. My friends and family are all tired of hearing me gush about "Trainer Tyler," but I can't say enough good things. He's a game-changer.

  - Laurie Hahn Ganser


As a 40 year old man, I had been exercising for years and was in what I thought was relatively good shape, yet I needed to do daily cardio to not gain weight. If I missed a day or two, I would gain back pounds because, as I learned later, my body was not working efficiently or effectively. I had heard about weight training, but I also did not want to be one of those muscle head guys. I did not have 3 hours a day to spend lifting 6 million pounds. Then I met Tyler. He introduced me to TP training. This was a new way of thinking about strength training. A system that allows you to achieve the maximum results. 

TP training just takes less than an hour twice a week, but transforms your body into a strong, lean, calorie burning machine. Here's the best part, when I contacted TP, I travel a lot and live in different States. There was simply no way that I could train twice a week (or at all) with TP in their facilities. Instead, Tyler from TP designs interesting, challenging and rotating workouts that allow me to work out wherever I am regardless if I am on business in Wisconsin, at my home in Florida or vacationing on Oahu. This is how it works. Tyler and I speak on the phone or even over the web. I tell him what I am looking to accomplish and he designs my workouts. If I need more focus on certain areas, he changes it. If I injure myself playing sports, he adjusts my workout to meet my needs. Tyler explains the workouts in detail, provides videos to demonstrate the exercise and will even Skype if necessary to show me what I may be doing wrong.

Of course, he is always available by phone. Today, I am 45, I do cardio along with my TP training a couple times a week. I am stronger, leaner and healthier than I have ever been. And when the holidays come around and I eat a lot and miss a couple days of cardio, my clothes fit the same and the scale doesn't move. After almost 12 years of marriage my wife loves the results too!


- Arnold Lueders


I have been lifting for 9 years, and the type of post-workout satisfaction I felt after a session with Tyler was unreal. He is professional, motivating, and a sincere man who value his clients. Highest of recommendations. Great company!


- Devon Roehrich