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What is High Intensity Strength Training?

HIT training or training to momentary muscular failure (MMF) is not ONLY the most efficient type of training but is arguable the most effective type of training as well.  Training to MMF allows the trainee to minimize the use of momentum, which forces the muscle to contract to its full strength potential.  The slow “turnaround” keeps a constant tension on the muscles being worked and allows for much safer training due to the lack of jerking movements which can place excessive amounts of stress on the muscles, tendons, and joints.

Each workout is generally completed in a half hour, making HIT the most effective and efficient full body strength training routine known today!

Our Methodology:

Titanium Performance holds a strong belief in evidence based program design.  The ideology behind these routines originates in the early 1970s from Arthur Jones.  Jones had a realization that strength training could be much more safe, efficient and just as effective as current practices.  This methodology was coined High Intensity Training, or HIT.

HIT is a much simpler approach to results, a methodology that requires clients to strength train ONCE to AT MOST TWICE per week.  Jones spent many years conducting extensive research, finding that when done properly, an individual would achieve the same (if not better) results from HIT.  HIT is not a fad, current research supports the methodology and has held strong for over 40 years!

Our trainers value education, research and the scientific process.  All routines are designed under specific guidelines, meant to improve your cardio-metabolic and muscular systems.