Gain Strength and Stay Busy

Summer has officially begun and wow does it feel busier than ever. Weekends are filled with extra family time and more events are happening during the weekdays. Maybe you decided to take some time off work and go on a vacation, but after that you felt more exhausted from traveling. This is all normal for the summer! With more and more places returning to normal, schedules have been filling up with things you weren’t doing last year. 

A busier schedule can cause added stress, which in turn can diminish your exercise routine. For some, your exercise routine can help with other aspects of your life. After I workout I feel a sense of accomplishment and achievement that I did something for my future self. Being busier can knock a routine out of place, but it doesn’t mean that it took away what you have worked so hard to get the past few months. 

Knowing that a few small steps in the right direction can lead you to your goals is something that is hard to understand because results aren’t instantaneous. It would be great to complete one workout and immediately be stronger, but in reality that is not the case. If any of this has been relatable to you, the following can help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Changing your mindset

It often seems counterintuitive when you hear that working out will increase your energy throughout the day. I have found that it is harder to keep my exercise routine when sleep and nutrition are less than optimal. Your trainer will give you the tools to succeed during your workout, but they can only do so much for you. The greatest change has to come from you. This may look different for everyone whether it means scheduling an extra workout when you can’t make your usual time or fighting for that extra rep during the workout. When I train I say phrases in my head to help get that extra rep or hold such as “You got this!” or “Just one more!” It may seem silly, but if you have ever tried it then you know it works.

Improve Sleep

There are so many different methods to improve your quality and quantity of sleep. If falling asleep is hard for you then try less screen time at night by reading a book instead. Having a screen on before bed will stimulate the brain and eyes to stay awake. Maybe you are someone who struggles with getting enough sleep at night. Try making the room darker with some curtains, or go to bed 10 minutes earlier than usual. Staying asleep can be hard in the city, so playing the sound of rain can help cancel out that noise. If noise doesn’t bother you then different forms of magnesium can help calm the mind and keep you from waking up every hour.

Focus on Nutrition 

I understand that when life is busy nutrition starts to be harder and fast food can take its place. This can be replaced with meal prepping on the day of the week that is most free for you. Or maybe snacking is your thing and you tend to snack more when you don’t have the time to eat a full meal. Changing the type of snack to something healthier like fresh fruits and vegetables can help with overeating. Let’s say you do go out and have a so called “cheat day”, this doesn’t mean that you ruined your diet throughout the week. You can still improve after that day for rest of the week. Limiting one going out day a week might work for some, but ultimately it is about calories in vs. calories out. Not that you have to count all the calories, but looking at the calorie count for your meal at a restaurant can help you stay on track.

Whatever you need to do, we are there to help you make those changes along the way. Whether it’s months or years from now, these small changes can ultimately lead to the best version of you that you can be. So go out there and make the small changes or get that extra rep and reach the goals you set for yourself.