Our Programs

Free Introductory Session

Every new client receives a Free Introductory Session. In this session we will cover your current exercise, health history as well as perform a High Intensity Strength Training routine.  Each workout lasts 45 minutes.  After the workout, your trainer will provide you with a recommended program specific to your goals and needs.  Schedule Today!

1on1 Personal Training

  • Private personal training session lasting 45 minutes
  • Perfect for all fitness levels
  • Individual attention yields great results and allows for any modifications needed due to injury or other medical conditions
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Small Group Training

  • Semi Private 45 minute Personal Training session with a client to trainer ratio no greater than 3:1 to ensure a high quality workout is provided
  • Your program is individually designed to fit your goals
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Exercise Therapy

  • A 45 minute session focusing on post rehab or injury prevention
  • Trainers are educated on all injury types and proper progression
  • Perfect for those graduating from Physical Therapy
  • We work with back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, hip pain and general imbalances or weakness