Our Team

Our  Team

Titanium Performance strength specialists focus on what you need, we are different than the big box and similar franchises out there.  We are dedicated to providing the most up to date, research based programming available. We exist to serve our clients and merge the gap between current research and current practices in the fitness industry. Titanium Performance values education, our trainers are required to have a college degree as well as complete and remain in good standing with certifications from the most respected training certifications available.

Our team consists of people who take both fitness and lifestyle changes seriously. We want you to make tangible progress in each session! We wake up each day excited for a new challenge, whether that is a fun new workout or taking steps toward our own personal growth parameters.

When you walk into Titanium Performance, you will be greeted with smiling faces and a team ready to get to work for you!  No matter your fitness level, we have a team member ready to help guide you on your fitness journey!  Contact us to learn more or ask any questions!

Tyler McCarthy

Owner/Strength Specialist

I developed Titanium Performance in the spring of 2014, in hopes to help educate clients and the fitness industry in proper strength training through evidence based programming.  I am S.P.A.R.T.A Level II High Intensity Training certified.  I went to the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, graduating with a degree in Kinesiology (Movement Science emphasis) and a minor in business management. I have gained extensive experience over the years in exercise prescription, rehabilitation programming, preventative programming, nutrition consultation as well as sport specific programming. I have worked with individuals of all ages and different needs.  I have worked with elite runners training for the Olympics, professional athletes, first time exercisers, pre-surgery and rehabilitation clients, among others. I specialize in clients with acute and chronic pain.  Over the last decade of training I have placed a focus on helping individuals alleviate acute and chronic pain through proper strength training and movement analysis.  The most common “issues” I work with are low back, hip, shoulder and knee pain. My main goal is helping you get back to enjoying activities that you may not be able to perform or wish to perform at a higher level, ranging from gardening to high level sports performance. Schedule a FREE Introductory Session to gain more information and see how we can help you!

Morgan Maule

Strength Specialist

I joined Titanium Performance in March 2017 after graduating from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Sport Science and a Minor in Nutrition. I also hold a certification as an NSCA-Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach. I believe strength training should be a safe and efficient activity to improve the quality of life for our clients and that is exactly what we provide.

I enjoy working with a variety of individuals ranging from first time trainees all the way up to competitive athletes. In my experience, I have worked with clients experiencing acute and chronic pain including low back, shoulder, hip and knee pain.  I am also proficient in writing weight loss programs including nutrition coaching, working with athletes of all levels and clients with varying health conditions such as osteoporosis, diabetes, pregnant and postpartum women and the aging population. Strength training and nutrition is a critical component to living a healthy lifestyle.  My main objective is to help clients improve their quality of life and performance no matter where they start!

Tim Jerabek

Strength Specialist

I started with Titanium Performance in January of 2019 after graduating with a degree in exercise physiology from Concordia University-Wisconsin.  I have a passion for personal training, strength training, and nutritional counseling. I utilize evidence-based practices to maximize results and improve physique, fitness, and daily life.  I have experience in HIIT bootcamp workouts, working with my wrestling team, and a variety of clients since joining Titanium performance. I have primarily worked with athletes and healthy adults of varying experience levels with strength training.  My main goal is to get you stronger and healthier to help you play with your children or grandchildren, prepare for your first 5k, or get you ready to perform your best in your upcoming season.