Written Testimonials

Christopher Wasilensky


“Morgan and Tyler at Titanium Performance are the best! Their H.I.T. training is amazing. We’ve been seeing great results and getting compliments from our friends. Everything is done in a slow and controlled manner which makes it much more safe than the usual training. They’re also great at helping rehab injuries! They’re super friendly and very accommodating. I have recommended them to friends and would definitely recommend them to you.”


Kim Venturella

“I have always been into exercising and trying to keep my body strong and healthy. I was starting to get discouraged because I felt like I had hit a plateau with my physique and strength, and my life got to a point where I didn’t have time to work out everyday. I was then introduced to Titanium Performance. What a life saver Tyler and Morgan have been for me. Not only do I see them ONLY 1-2 times a week (major time saver), but after I started nutrition program with them, did I start to see changes and improvements with my body. I am happy with myself again. I definitely recommend Titanium Performance to everyone!”


Brad Sleeper

“I am a 67 year old who has done sports all my life but have slowed down to where my goals are to continue some competition (racquetball, basketball, tennis and golf) but mostly to live pain free. I’ve had nagging lower back and rotator cuff issues, and completely trust Tyler and Jordan to help me recover and prevent pain in those areas. They adjust each session to whatever aches and pains I report that day. I’ve been with Tyler for four years and am completely confident in his knowledge of strength training and muscle science to help me live without muscle irritation and pain.”

Nathan France


“As a physique competitor every lift counts! Tyler and his team of trainers are outstanding!
The equipment that they feature is incredible! Whole food nutrition line that focused on the inflammation in my body priceless!”


Ben Theis

“Tyler has been my personal trainer at Titanium Performance since 2014 and I have been very impressed. Tyler’s knowledge of physical fitness is unmatched of anyone I have met and the results I have gotten are worthwhile. I have never met someone who knows so much and is willing to help you achieve your customized goals. Its impressive to watch Tyler manage his clients, ever changing work schedule, and marketing duties. I would highly recommend Tyler if you are looking for a personal trainer!”

Alexia Papeo

“After a full body workout with Morgan I was hooked! In pain and shaky but HOOKED! Felt great and my journey to a healthy ‘me’ begun.
Morgan and Tyler are amazing! I’ve seen great results with their HIIT program. Love watching my body grow stronger, and learning more about nutrition.”