Written Testimonials

Hannah Straka


Tyler is not only an extremely knowledgeable and professional trainer, but he is compassionate to the needs of clients who may not necessarily be comfortable with the idea of personal training. He does everything he possibly can to make his clients feel welcome, at ease, and that they are a high priority to him. All of these qualities are 100% genuine as Tyler truly wants to help everyone who walks through his door to achieve whatever goals they might have (whether it’s weight loss, physical therapy, increased muscle mass, etc.).

What sets Tyler apart even more is that helping his clients is more important to him than money. He is far and above the most ethical business owner I have ever encountered, and conducts his business in a way that is at times too fair to the client at his own expense. It just goes to show how much Tyler truly values his clients’ well being and happiness over his own financial gain. Business people like him are very few and far between, and anyone would be lucky to train with him.

Kate Coward

I have been working with Tyler for 5 years, and since then, my performance, strength, and overall health have all significantly improved.

In my first 4 months working with Tyler, I dropped 10 pounds when already 16% body fat, and continued to get stronger and faster in all 3 of the triathlon disciplines of swim, bike and run. I was completely surprised of course, because I could not get my head out of thinking that lifting weights meant bulking up. Tyler’s philosophy on weight training is all about strength and performance.

After our first 4 months working together, I set my own personal record in the 140.6 mile Ironman distance triathlon by 38 minutes going from 11:38 to 11:00 hours. Swim improved by 10 minutes, bike by 8 minutes, and run by 20 minutes. I was incredibly surprised by this since the only thing I changed in my approach to the race was adding Titanium Performance strength program. After 4 years trying to get out of the 11:38-11:55 window, I finally did it with Titanium Performance.

Tyler also tailored to my needs. We were able to train through 2 serious bike accidents just 5 weeks apart, one where I broke 3 ribs and another where I was hit by a car head-on. We also customized a program where I could incorporate some anaerobic conditioning with the strength training to exhaust my muscles, simulating the power and endurance marriage required for an Ironman distance triathlon.

Tyler is very in tuned with his clients bodies and capabilities. He is able to sense my needs with every movement, knowing exactly how much weight, how many reps, how hard to push or not to push during any given week. This is an extremely important skill to me in a trainer and coach. We don’t always know or have the perception of what we are capable of, and Tyler can help interpret that when our minds aren’t clear enough to know.


Jackie Huber


I’ve been working out with Morgan for ~2.5 months now, and even once per week is enough to see results. I’m a runner who went in with a laundry list of things I wanted: less injuries, more muscle tone, faster running. I had only done some very light weight workouts in the past, and had gotten bored and plateaued. after once per week sessions for a couple months, I am injury free, running without K-tape on, and seeing a huge difference in my body, especially with arms and abs. Plus, Morgan is super fun to train with and knows pretty much everything exercise and anatomy related — I always have lots of questions about everything and she’s taught me a lot about my body and exercise. Don’t get me wrong, the workouts are hard — even though its only 45 minutes, I always leave extremely sweaty and a little sore — but its probably the most effective workout I’ve ever done. If you’re on the fence, give it a shot! I waffled over whether or not I needed personal training for a few months, and my only regret is that I didn’t start sooner!


Christopher Wasilensky




“Morgan and Tyler at Titanium Performance are the best! Their H.I.T. training is amazing. We’ve been seeing great results and getting compliments from our friends. Everything is done in a slow and controlled manner which makes it much more safe than the usual training. They’re also great at helping rehab injuries! They’re super friendly and very accommodating. I have recommended them to friends and would definitely recommend them to you.”


Kim Venturella

“I have always been into exercising and trying to keep my body strong and healthy. I was starting to get discouraged because I felt like I had hit a plateau with my physique and strength, and my life got to a point where I didn’t have time to work out everyday. I was then introduced to Titanium Performance. What a life saver Tyler and Morgan have been for me. Not only do I see them ONLY 1-2 times a week (major time saver), but after I started nutrition program with them, did I start to see changes and improvements with my body. I am happy with myself again. I definitely recommend Titanium Performance to everyone!”


Brad Sleeper

“I am a 67 year old who has done sports all my life but have slowed down to where my goals are to continue some competition (racquetball, basketball, tennis and golf) but mostly to live pain free. I’ve had nagging lower back and rotator cuff issues, and completely trust Tyler and Jordan to help me recover and prevent pain in those areas. They adjust each session to whatever aches and pains I report that day. I’ve been with Tyler for four years and am completely confident in his knowledge of strength training and muscle science to help me live without muscle irritation and pain.”

Tanya Drake

Great experience with Morgan and Tyler. The workouts are personalized and pay close attention to my goals. They offer a wide variety of times and are flexible with my ever-changing family/work schedule. I am seeing increased strength and flexibility with my once a week workouts.

Devin Smith

I’ve been going to Titanium Performance for a year now. Tyler and Morgan are exceptional trainers that know how to push you to your limits with safe and effective workouts. We have some good natured banter about how I “hate” chin-ups. Highly recommended.

Ben Theis


“Tyler has been my personal trainer at Titanium Performance since 2014 and I have been very impressed. Tyler’s knowledge of physical fitness is unmatched of anyone I have met and the results I have gotten are worthwhile. I have never met someone who knows so much and is willing to help you achieve your customized goals. Its impressive to watch Tyler manage his clients, ever changing work schedule, and marketing duties. I would highly recommend Tyler if you are looking for a personal trainer!”

Alexia Papeo

“After a full body workout with Morgan I was hooked! In pain and shaky but HOOKED! Felt great and my journey to a healthy ‘me’ begun.
Morgan and Tyler are amazing! I’ve seen great results with their HIIT program. Love watching my body grow stronger, and learning more about nutrition.”

Rebecca Amstutz

I have been working out with Tyler for several years. It is a great efficient workout for my busy lifestyle. The workouts at Titanium performance have helped me to develop more lean muscle and stay strong. I have also been able to work out when I had a shoulder injury with a modified plan, and then been able to incorporate the workouts to help make my shoulder strong again. I highly recommend Tyler and Morgan as personal trainers to help you achieve your fitness and strength goals.

Nathan France



“As a physique competitor every lift counts! Tyler and his team of trainers are outstanding!
The equipment that they feature is incredible! Whole food nutrition line that focused on the inflammation in my body priceless!”