Tim Jerabek

Tim Jerabek

Strength Specialist

I started with Titanium Performance in January of 2019 after graduating with a degree in exercise physiology from Concordia University-Wisconsin.  I have a passion for personal training, strength training, and nutritional counseling. I utilize evidence-based practices to maximize results and improve physique, fitness, and daily life.

My Story


I first got into exercise in middle school for weight loss. I ran and lifted weights with my older brother in preparation for sports.  As I got older I got even more into exercise to improve my athletic performances in high school sports such as wrestling and football where most of my injuries occurred.  By the end of high school I had dislocated my elbow, shoulder, neck, and hips while also suffering from chronic back and knee pain.

After graduating from high school I began going to school to become a physical therapist as I had a lot of experience working with them as a patient.  I, however, took some classes through the exercise physiology department and immediately changed my major.  These classes rekindled my love of exercise for both sports performance and health.

A year before I graduated I reached out to Titanium Performance, and more specifically Tyler to learn about what they do.  Based on my knowledge of the human body it was very easy to apply what I had learned to this style of training.  I knew this was the way I wanted to train.

Since training with Tyler and Morgan my back and neck pain have subsided, my knee pain is gone, and my shoulders and hips feel much more stable than they have in years.  On top of that I have seen muscle growth in all of the areas that typical high volume training never did.

If my story of injury, instability, and the search for a better way sounds familiar to you feel free to reach out!  I would love to have a talk about what is best for you, and how this style of training can help you feel better, perform better, and save time.




My Education/Specialties


  • Bachelor of Science – Exercise Physiology (Concordia University – Wisconsin)


  • Low Back Pain
  • Weight management
  • Sport Specific training
  • Marathon training
  • Athletic injuries (knees, hips, shoulders, neck)
  • General Fitness improvement/ Disease prevention